Demo's are a great way to find the interested persons and or areas of training interest in your company or organization. Many demo's prove to attendees the level of knowledge available to them through training. Demo's can be eye opening and fun! Tim Ard and other Forest Applications instructors-- distribute the information in a format to keep the novice and the seasoned professional as bay. Stories and techniques relating to the situations and questions at hand open minds and update attitudes of the attendees. They will want to learn more after the demonstration.

Forest Applications Training has available several of the training topics in demo format. We do not consider these demonstrations training, although many chain saw safety programs are based on this lecture format. Hands on programs maximize retention and effectiveness.

Demonstrations can be organized for a small crew or for 500 people. Most effective is a 4 hour format covering the basics of:

The only requirement- all participants must have a hard hat during the wood site visit.

Other demonstrations are available to fill from 30 minutes to a full 8 hours.

Demonstrations can be tailored to best suit you needs and requirements! For a personalized program send us a request to .


Fees vary for demonstrations and training according to arrangements. Site locations are the responsibility of the sponsoring company or organization. A material/site requirement list will be discussed upon decision of demo or training content.

Travel, set up day and clean up day fees may apply.     Fees

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